Never underestimate the power of partying. Toby Keith's party-hearty anthem 'Red Solo Cup' has been certified double platinum by the RIAA after selling two million digital downloads, which also makes it Keith's career top seller. The news comes just six months after the song was certified as the first platinum single of  his career in January.

The second single from Keith's album 'Clancy's Tavern,' the song was written by the Warren Brothers along with Brett and Jim Beavers. “I have to give Jim Beavers most of the credit on this song. He drove the boat on it," Brett Warren told Taste of Country last October. "He is just hysterically funny. Basically what he was doing with those lyrics was trying to make me, his brother and Brad laugh.”

The song was never intended to be anything other than lighthearted fun. But it was a match that started a big fire. "For better or worse, ‘Red Solo Cup’ is a song that will crawl into the folds of your brain and hatch babies . . . it works because Keith makes no effort to pretend this is anything but a simple and stupid ditty," Taste of Country's review said. Keith himself admitted the track was “like a nursery song stupid.”

That simple appeal propelled the video for the song to go viral upon its release, spawning more than 16.5 million views on YouTube to date. 'Red Solo Cup' reached No. 9 on the Billboard Country Songs chart, and Keith also took home the ACM Video of the Year award for it, too. Chord Overstreet and members of New Directions performed the tune on FOX's smash musical TV series 'Glee,' while country comedian Cledus T. Judd has since parodied the track by recording 'Double D Cups.'

"To record that song and to release a video on it … that’s insane!" Brett Warren told Taste of Country of Keith. "It’s so insane! I love him for it, because I really do think it’s the dumbest song he’s ever recorded, and it might be the greatest song he’s ever recorded, so I don’t know!”

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