Country newcomer Todd O'Neill brings it bold with his debut single "Love Again." It's a funky love song that showcases the singer's raspy vocals.

"Love Again" was co-written by Jesse Frasure, Cary Barlowe and Taste of Country RISERS artist Brett Young. They're telling the story of a man who is ready to trade in all the excesses of a bachelor life to guarantee a certain woman's love. O'Neill's enthusiasm makes monogamy sound pretty sweet — like a cocktail you can't get enough of.

It's a vocal showcase in that all elements of the song hang back to allow this newcomer's energetic delivery room to roam. He takes advantage with an unharnessed performance you immediately imagine seeing live. There's nothing nervous about Todd O'Neill's debut single, which furthers it as a country contagion.

Did You Know?: Todd O'Neill beat out nine other finalists to win the 2016 Nash Next Challenge.

Listen to Todd O'Neill, "Love Again"

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Todd O'Neill, "Love Again" Lyrics:

I got a bachelor pad / You got me thinkin' 'bout a fence outside / The bike that I had / I sold it for a full-size / Chance up this man cave 'cause someone like you / Needs a little room to do what you do / A new phase is just what I need, yeah.

You make me wanna trade in whiskey and weekends / You make me wanna stay in with you every night / You make me wanna lock down this feeling I'm feeling / Girl you know you got me shoppin' for the cut that you like / You make me wanna love again (settle it down, settle it down, settle it down) / You make me wanna love again (settle it down, settle it down, settle it down).

There's holes in my heart / It's on fire for you right now / I fell so damn hard / But you make me wanna settle down / You got a little bit of magic in your finger tips / A whole lot of sexy when you move your hips. 

You'll be lookin' like gold when you're wearing that diamond ring / I'm thinking you and my last name sound like a masterpiece.

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