For Darius Rucker, maintaining a healthy music career has appeared to be no trouble. From Hootie and the Blowfish to the solo country star we know by name, the 'History in the Making' singer has topped the charts in many genres and given us countless memorable tunes featuring his ultra-recognizable voice. There's no doubt that Rucker stands apart from his musical peers, so we're tipping our big cowboy hat to the man who has made his mark on the industry. Taste of Country brings you our list of the Top 10 Darius Rucker songs!

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    'Learn to Live'

    In this catchy, upbeat song, Darius Rucker offers advice handed down by his grandfather, which in short is "you gotta live and learn" so that you can 'Learn to Live.' This song is the title track from Rucker's debut country solo album, 'Learn to Live,' the same record which produced his first four hit country music singles, 'Don't Think I Don't Think About It,' 'It Won't Be Like This for Long,' 'Alright' and 'History in the Making.'

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    'I Got Nothin''

    When it comes to Darius Rucker songs, this track stands out because it's less optimistic than the rest -- a sad song about a relationship that has reached its last stop, and neither party has the words to repair it. 'I Got Nothin'' is the latest single from the former Hootie and the Blowfish singer, pulled from his November 2010 album, ‘Charleston, SC 1966.’ Although we love this song and think it's beautifully written (thanks to Clay Mills, who helped lay out ‘Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It’), we much prefer the happy-go-lucky side of Mr. Rucker.

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    'Be Wary of a Woman'

    In 'Be Wary of a Woman,' Rucker warns all the single guys out there to be wary of a lady like the one he's got, because she'll take your heart, "make you laugh when you feel like crying," and generally just be awesome. Obviously, Rucker is being facetious when he tells his fellow men to run and hide, because his girl is just about as good as it gets. 'Be Wary of a Woman' is a gem from his 2008 Capitol Records Nashville record 'Learn to Live.'

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    'I Don't Care' Feat. Brad Paisley

    Rucker's country music companion Brad Paisley helps him out in 'I Don't Care,' a tune about doing what you want -- which, for the boys, is picking up girls, drinking beer and hollering at more girls. We like the feeling behind this song, which is to let things slide off your back and disregard what's not important. However, the Ruck and the Pais better be careful, because we bet the two of them could get into lots of trouble together.

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    'History in the Making'

    You can't have a top Darius Rucker songs list without the slice of life, 'History in the Making.' We all know what Rucker's heart is telling him here because we've all felt it at some point, too. He's just walked into a promising new relationship, and if the two of them accept fate and go hand-in-hand, they could just rewrite history. Really, what's better than that ground-shaking, earth-shattering true love? Only Darius Rucker singing about it!

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    Just when you thought you'd gotten this infectious pop-country tune out of your head, Taste of Country is bringing it back as the No. 5 top Darius Rucker song! The singer has shelter, food in his belly and a good lady by his side. Life is perfectly simple, and he wants to shout it from the rooftops. 'Alright' swept through country radio back in 2009, and finally nestled itself in a comfortable spot as the No. 1 song on Billboard's country chart. That's 'Alright' by us!

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    'It Won't Be Like This for Long'

    We know that many of you out there can relate to Rucker's sweet song 'It Won't Be Like This for Long,' which paints the picture of parents adjusting to having a newborn baby at home. As the song progresses, their baby girl grows up, and it's not long before the proud father realizes that he truly loves the here and now and doesn't want this time to pass. We love, love, love this D.R. tune -- especially the message it sends, which is to cherish those little ones while they're still little, because each phase of life doesn't last nearly long enough.

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    'Come Back Song'

    'Come Back Song' became yet another Darius Rucker song to find its home as a No. 1 single, and for good reason. Not only does this 2010 tune bring us Rucker's comforting voice, it's easy to sing along to and even easier to relate to. The lyrics tell that our heartbroken hitmaker realizes that he's messed up and let something good go, so he pleads to his lost lady to come back by using the radio to reach her. Rucker must have known that this one would have been a hit -- we just hope that his girl ended up making it back.

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    'Don't Think I Don't Think About It'

    'Don't Think I Don't Think About It' shows that even big-name country stars can admit when they are hurting and having regrets over losing past lovers. This single, from Rucker's debut country record, 'Learn to Live' was -- yep -- a No. 1 for the singer. Not only that, it put Rucker on the map as the first African-American to reach that slot on the country chart in 25 years, following Charley Pride's 1983 hit 'Night Games.'

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    Man, is 'This' song great, or what? Rucker is famous for spreading positivity through his music, but this one really takes the cake as an uplifting, inspiring, get-up-and-go and don't look back tune. You may not realize it just yet, but every high and every low along your life path will lead you to the place you're destined to end up; and according to Rucker, when you find 'This,' none of the lost jobs, horrific exes and big mistakes will matter.