You may recognize RaeLynn from Blake Shelton's team during The Voice's second season in 2012, but her career was years in the making before that. From her smart songwriting to bringing sass during live shows, RaeLynn is a force to be reckoned with.

RaeLynn was born Racheal Lynn Woodward on May 4, 1994, in Baytown, Texas. Music played a significant role in her life while growing up, even in school. To promote music education, she event went on a school-to-school tour while giving donations to Music in Our Schools, which funded each school she visited.

RaeLynn's official releases since her time on the TV singing competition show in 2012 have shown remarkable growth and varied influences. Her debut single "Boyfriend" landed at No. 32 on the Billboard country chart; two years later, "God Made Girls" hit No. 7 and was certified Gold. Her debut album, WildHorse, was released in 2017 via Warner Music Nashville. Previously, she was signed to Big Machine's Valory Record Co., and now, she's with Round Here Records, headed by her buddies in Florida Georgia Line.

RaeLynn's Top 5 songs have been ranked by radio success, fans' opinions, crowd reactions and Taste of Country staff members' picks.

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    Single (2019)

    "Rowdy" finds RaeLynn getting fired up -- in a good way. "I get rowdy / I get mouthy / When I get all my friends around me / You can hear us from across the county / In my crowd, we get rowdy," she sings over a catchy pop-country melody filled with electric guitar and drum loops.

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    "For a Boy"

    From 'Origins' (2018)

    Rae co-wrote "For a Boy" with Laura Veltz after she was inspired by a dinner date. "This guy was super transparent with me and kinda wore his heart on his sleeve," RaeLynn tells ET. "You know, guys always wanna be macho and that kinda thing, so I had this idea of, 'For a boy, this guy's pretty transparent and cool.'"

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    "Queens Don't"

    Single (2018)

    RaeLynn wrote "Queens Don't" alongside Corey Crowder and J. Hart. She'd had the song title in her phone notes for quite some time.

    "First, I wanted it to be about women and about being a queen and a boss," she tells the Boot. "The more I thought about it, though, the more I started thinking that this song can really be for anybody: This song can be for anyone who wants to see their dream come true and anyone who wants to speak their truth. It can be for anyone who knows that everybody's unique in their own way."

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    "Love Triangle"

    From 'Wildhorse' (2017)

    This song was RaeLynn's first release after signing with Warner Music Nashville, and her inspiration for the track came from her experience with her parents' divorce. She recalled the moment her mom first heard the song to Taste of Country, saying, "She began to cry."

    "And we were driving home," RaeLynn adds, "and she was like, 'Rae, that song is incredible, but so heartbreaking. Is that really how you felt?'"

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    "God Made Girls"

    From 'Origins' (2018)

    RaeLynn wrote this anthemic song with Liz Rose, Nicolle Galyon and Lori McKenna, who brought their different ages and relationship perspectives together to create a one-of-a-kind song to which almost any woman can relate.

    "There's just something so special about 'God Made Girls,' it comes from a girl's perspective and there's nothing like that on radio right now," RaeLynn tells Taste of Country, "and so I think that's what made us able to pick that song as a single."

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