Aside from his multi-platinum country music career, you could say Trace Adkins has dabbled in the arts in a way. He wrote and released his own autobiography in 2007, and he's made appearance on several television shows as well. To top that, Adkins can be seen acting in a variety of films, including 2008's 'An American Carol' and 2011's 'The Lincoln Lawyer.'

Now, thinking back on his newly-established acting career, Adkins has his sights set on another country talent and friend as his dream co-star: all-American country singer Blake Shelton. Speaking to Country Vibe, Adkins explains the reasoning behind his top pick.

“Blake is about my favorite person in this business,” he says. “I like the approach he takes toward this business and how he doesn’t take very much of it seriously. That’s somebody that you want to collaborate with whenever you get a chance to, 'cause it certainly lightens things up, and this business is supposed to be fun."

The 'All I Ask for Anymore' singer drives home the point about lighthearted music, saying, "For God’s sake, we make music and it’s supposed to just be fun, and anytime you do something with Blake if it’s not going to be anything else it’s going to be fun, so I’d certainly be willing to do anything like that.” Though the two country males are not yet working on any kind of film collaboration, Adkins will undoubtedly jump at the opportunity if it ever presents itself.

“I’d love to do something like that," he says. "Who knows when it might happen or if it might ever happen, but I would certainly be open to anything like that.” While Shelton has yet to establish himself as a budding actor, he has certainly become a mainstay on the NBC hit show 'The Voice,' so perhaps going from TV to film wouldn't be such an unlikely jump.