Trace Adkins takes his daughter out for a special day they'll remember forever, even if she doesn't realize it yet, on his new single 'Just Fishin.'' The song is the first taste of his upcoming tenth studio album.

Unlike his randy, humorous previous single, 'Brown Chicken, Brown Cow,' Adkins has his songwriting lever set squarely on sentimental for 'Just Fishin.'' Big, anthemic acoustic guitars straight out of a Pearl Jam or Bruce Springsteen ballad are joined with high, tinkling piano accents as father and daughter spend the afternoon together.

Of course, being so young, the girl's more focused on her ballet shoes than the lifelong memories she'll later take from this day, but the father knows how much it means already:

"Fishin' on the riverside / Throwing back what we could fry / Drowning worms and killing time / Nothing too ambitious / She ain't even thinking about what's really going on right now / But I guarantee this memories a big one / And she thinks we're just fishin.'"

There's no word on a title or release date for Adkins' new album yet, but of course we'll let you know as soon as we hear more. In the meantime, you can look for Adkins on the big screen in the big-time Hollywood movie 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' which opens this Friday, March 18.

Listen to Trace Adkins, 'Just Fishin''