Trent Harmon pulls back vocally to let the lyrics of his new single "There’s a Girl" shine. It’s not a big vocal performance from the most recent American Idol winner — here, the Mississippian shows a troubadour’s heart.

Harmon’s storytelling is sharp, but the writers deserve credit for colorful, relatable lyrics. Songwriting veterans Jimmy Robbins and Laura Veltz teamed with Harmon to write "There’s a Girl." It’s comparable to RaeLynn’s "God Made Girls," if presented from the opposite perspective.

Some may accuse “There’s a Girl” of being presumptive, but those same people will likely find a moment in their history when they too did something out of character and reckless for a lover. The song is a sharp contrast from “Falling,” Harmon’s sultry debut single. While that song was filled with personality, this mid-tempo country truther asks him to refrain from putting too much of himself out there. It’s about the song not the singer.

Did You Know?: Harmon's girl is Kathleen Couch. She urged him to audition for American Idol when he was considering giving up on music.

Listen to Trent Harmon, "There’s a Girl"

Trent Harmon's "There’s a Girl" Lyrics:

“There's a girl somewhere in Tupelo / Who's with a guy she barely knows / Who'd probably sell his soul for a kiss / There's a girl somewhere in Arkansas / Who's talkin’ with a southern drawl / And guy who can't stop starin’ at her lips / Ain't it crazy how they make us all so crazy.” 

“Why would we drive 600 miles one way / Blow through cash that we ain't made / Get tattoos, wash our trucks / Push and press our luck / Why would we ask when we know we can't dance / Show our hands and change our plans / Lose our minds, break our hearts / And learn to play guitar / Why does any man do anything in the whole damn world / ‘Cause there's a girl / ‘Cause there's a girl.” 

“There's a girl somewhere with eyes so blue / You know a call just won't do / So here I am on Highway 45 / First girl to get me to ask myself / How I'd been with anyone else / Any other minute of my life / Ain't it somethin’ how they get us doin’ somethin’.”

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