Trent Harmon's cousin Nancy was shot and killed this week, the singer shares. In a note to fans on Facebook, he reflected on his last memory of her while urging everyone to hold their loved ones close.

The circumstances around Harmon's cousin's shooting death are not clear. The 2016 American Idol winner shared that he got the news on Thursday morning (March 15) while making coffee on his tour bus. He'd seen her just recently.

I remember her only a few months ago, coming to a show, happy and cheerful (as usual) telling me how 'very proud she was of all my accomplishments,' giving me a big hug, and then making her way out of the venue. It never occurred to me that that would be the last time I would see her in person.

Harmon says that Nancy had posted to Facebook about Harmon's upcoming shows with Rascal Flatts, figuring she was sure to buy a ticket. "Tell those around you that you love them," he writes. "Hang on to them tight, and support their dreams. Nancy supported my dreams, and I will always be grateful for her cheerful demeanor and kind words."

Musically, Harmon has just released a new single called "You Got 'Em All." The ballad is a vocal showcase that describes a bad breakup in the happiest terms possible. It's his first single since "There's a Girl" peaked just inside the Top 20 in 2017.

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