Trent Harmon proved he can sing on American Idol, but on “Falling” he proves he can melt leather, iron or any other fastener desperately holding the last fibers of his lover’s clothes together. The Mississippi native's debut single is a slow flame burning through a willing candle. By the end, the wick is gone and nothing but raw sensuality remains.

Keith Urban, Dallas Davidson and Brett James' lyrics are almost lost in Harmon's vocals the first time through "Falling." Some of the sexiest lines get buried in his pop-soul stylings. A haunting chorus of female backing vocalists help bring two lovers together for a chorus that’s (gulp) climatic.

Listen close to the second verse, but not with kids around. "Falling" is as sexy of a song as you’ll ever find on country radio. It's "Gettin’ You Home" plus one. It’s "Must Be Doin’ Something Right" for the next generation. One honestly worries Harmon is wasting a great song with "Falling," as lately it has taken a country American Idol finalists two or three tries to find success on the radio. If he wins, "Falling" will become country’s best debut single from an Idol winner and the first in years that marries great vocals with great songwriting.

Did You Know?: If he wins American Idol, Scott Borchetta will take Harmon to country radio first.

Listen to Trent Harmon, "Falling"

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Trent Harmon, "Falling" Lyrics:

“Just when I think that I’m / About as high as any man could ever go / That’s when I look at you / You’re right on cue, your body moves / It’s like its putting on a show, yeah / Gotta get to me, you pretty little tease.”

“I just keep falling for you baby / You just keep killing me one kiss at a time / Ain’t nothing now that’s gonna save me / Your sweet love keeps calling / And I just keep falling.

Eye to eye, your skin on mine / You slide your fingers through my hair and tell me take it slow / And I know what you want / And so I go down on my knees, I’m here to please / I just keep, I just keep …

It's crazy, baby, what you do to me / There's magic in your kind of gravity / And any fool can see why I keep, I just keep …”

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