Tucker Beathard is currently on the road with Brantley Gilbert during his 2017 The Devil Don't Sleep Tour across the U.S. and talked exclusively with Taste of Country about the experience so far.

"It's awesome," Beathard says via phone after a soundcheck in Illinois. "Brantley is one of the most straight up, nicest dudes in the business honestly. He's kind of been treating me like a little brother and looking after me, so he's been great."

With their rugged country rock sound, Gilbert and Beathard are an ideal match when it comes to live performances -- and the crowds wildly agree.

"The crowds have just been awesome to play for, real down-to-earth, blue collar country fans. No better fans that I've ever played for really," the young star says of fans' response to him. "Every artist is appealing to different crowds and I think this one for me, it feels like it's just the right crowd. What you see is what you get ... I try to make the most impact in speech, let my music do more of the talking."

The tour recently played in Evansville, Ind., and Beathard is sharing exclusive pictures from that night in the gallery above. While there are several noteworthy memories Beathard has created so far on the road, he cites one night when he jumped offstage and ran through the crowd, making his way to the handicapped section and second level of the venue, high-fiving fans and giving away guitar picks, as one of his favorite moments. He also gave away his guitar onstage to one very lucky fan.

"Every show's kind of been different and it's always fun going out and not really knowing what you're going to be feeling in the moment," the "Rock On" singer says.

In addition to their music, Beathard feels a connection with Gilbert based on their morals, calling him a "good, hard-working" person.

"What you see is what you get from him and I think more than anything, he speaks what he feels," Beathard reveals, calling "The Weekend" singer a true "badass" for standing up for what he believes in. "I think that's how you relate to crowds and you build that fan base, that hardcore BG Nation, that he built because of relating to those people."

Loyal fans of Gilbert means loyal fans of Beathard, who says that once you're in with his fan base, you're in for life. "I think the thing with these Brantley fans is if you win them over, they're going to stick with you and have your back for the most part," he explains. "If you win them over, and whether that's by winning over 10 percent every night, it's gradually people that you know are jumping on board because of what you stand for and what not. It's the most at home I've felt in a long time."

Beathard continues on the 2017 The Devil Don't Sleep Tour with Gilbert through September.

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