Tyler Farr recently released his first single off his upcoming third studio album. Titled "Our Town," the song discusses what life was like for the singer as a kid — playing Cops and Robbers, saying "yes ma'am" and taking his hat off while saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Written by Liz Rose, Nathan Chapman and Arista Nashville singer-songwriter Seth Ennis, Farr says "Our Town" immediately struck him.

"With what's been going on the past year in the country and society today, it really fit with all the craziness," Farr tells Taste of Country of the decision to release "Our Town." "I thought that it was fitting to put out during this time and capture a lot of realism of what's really happening and people could relate to that. It's a very special song to me."

Farr said the first part of the chorus especially resonated with him:

"We were raised in the shadows / Crosses and flags / When we pledge allegiance we take off our hats."

"That really hit me. Singing it live, you can really see the people react to it when you get into that chorus," he shares.

Farr grew up in a small town in Missouri and says he remembers the freedom of being a kid in a safe area. Frequently, he'd tell his mom he was headed to his friend's house and that he'd be back before dark. Whether he took his bike or walked alone, it was always safe.

"But today you can't really do that. It hit home with me," he says.

Farr promises a versatile album is on the way and says "Our Town" is one of the few serious songs that will make up the record. He says his third album is "me just being me," and that he won't be following any trends with the release. One thing he does promise, though, is a more positive album this time around. The soon-to-be-married singer says that since he's no longer going through breakups, that's not what he sits down to write about. Instead, he wakes up and writes about however he is feeling that day.

Farr is still writing for his album and shares that there will be something for everyone on the release. One song in particular called "Underdogs" written by Jonathan Singleton is a song he says he loves.

"It's probably my second favorite next to this one," he admits. "It's an anthem and talks about football. It's a great song."

"Also there's one that Aldean produced for me called 'Where the Song Comes From' that I really love a lot, especially because I'm about to be married," Farr continues. "It's talking about how I might be out on the road and doing this but she's where the song comes from. I'm out singing and writing music out there but she's where the song comes from."

Farr is working with is friend Jason Aldean on the album and dishes that the two are "blunt and very forward" with each other in the studio. It's this honesty that makes for a project he's proud to put out into the world.

"We just tell each other what we think. There's a lot of him making fun of me and me making fun of him and back and forth banter," he admits. "Personally, I think it makes it a lot easier. We work similar so it's good to have that and getting the truth from somebody knowing that they're going to steer you right."

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