Shotgunning beers and passing out at country festivals — what do these two things have in common? Tyler Farr has done both.

During Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo., we got the dirt on Farr with a good old fashioned game of Never Have I Ever. But before even starting the game, Farr gave fair warning about other uses for the paddles ...

"If you ask me a bad question, I smack you in the forehead with it," Farr reminded Taste of Country's Billy Dukes.

On the game went.

Farr reveals he isn't one to snoop, that he plans to 'freestyle' dance at his wedding and that he has an interesting story featuring Lee Brice, Jerrod Niemann and a hotel room.

"It was a long night, we're friends, we love each other," Farr explains. "We're hanging out having a few cocktails, that's when the tasering and waterboarding started."

Apparently, boys will be boys and will chase the smallest one around a hotel room at the latest hours of the night just for pure entertainment. And when those boys happen to be Niemann and Brice, you run. Fast.

"They're not small folks," Farr reminds us. "And getting chased around a hotel room by two polar bears, I still have the shakes about it. It's frightening."

Following the little game, Farr took the Country Jam main stage and rocked the fans with an energetic set. He played crowd favorites including "Whiskey in My Water," his current single "Better in Boots," "A Guy Walks Into a Bar" and many more.

“Y’all are the reason that I love my job," Farr exclaimed during his set, which preceded headliner Brice. "I’m going to keep doing this until they kick me out of Nashville."

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