Vince Gill fans haven't heard him pick a guitar quite like this before. On a new collaboration with rock 'n' roll hall-of-famer Alice Cooper, he shreds like a seasoned metal head. It's a far cry from the skillful, more traditional style his audiences have come to appreciate during the country great's live shows.

While Gill is one of the smoothest voices in country music and Cooper is the godfather of shock rock, the two men have more in common that one might presume. Both are avid golfers, devout Christians and -- onstage physical appearance aside -- very humble men. During his nightly radio show, Cooper (real name Vincent Furnier) praised Gill's work on 'A Runaway Train.'

"I asked him to play something that's kind of [like blues guitarist] Mike Bloomfield, and just, I said, 'Rip it.' [He] took out a telecaster and just blasted it," Cooper said. "It's such a monster solo. I love it."

Gill calls Cooper a friend, and has collaborated with him before. During intermission at an NHL game in Nashville last winter, he brought out his "golfing buddy" to play a Chuck Berry classic and then Cooper's most famous hit, 'School's Out.'

'A Runaway Train' will be on Cooper's upcoming 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' album, so Gill purists can be rest assured that he's not giving up country music for hard rock, although it's clear he could if he wanted to.

Listen to Alice Cooper and Vince Gill on 'A Runaway Train'