Wade Bowen's major label debut is a story half told. While 'Saturday Night' is a different type of tear-in-my-beer country song -- the singer loses appreciation for Saturday nights because a girl dumped him (we assume) on a Saturday night -- it fails to go into enough detail to make an impression. It's like a McDonald's Big Mac without the special sauce. You gotta have the special sauce!

"'Why does everybody love Saturday night / Stale smell of beer and the smoke in your eyes / I keep sittin' and drinken' and thinkin' about a sad good-bye / So tell me why is everybody so in love with Saturday night," Bowen sings in the chorus. It's a catchy, imaginative lyric that draws a listener in, but neither verse paints enough detail to keep one interested.

"Well hey bartender could you throw those drunk girls out / And don't you think that bands just a little too loud / Tell that couple in the corner to please go get a room / It's a damn good party but what am I supposed to do," he sings in the song's second verse.

We're left wondering about this girl and their relationship. What went wrong? Was it his fault? Did that good-for-nothing bartender slip her his phone number? Guys may also wonder what color hair she had and if she looked good in a sundress?

We can't feel Bowen's pain or relate to his longing for a love that slipped away. It's not really clear if she dumped him or died until the bridge rolls around. Vocally, the Waco, Texas-born singer shows promise; he's like a smokier version of Bucky Covington. 'Saturday Night' doesn't make you want to reach for the radio presets, but it won't leave tire tracks on the iTunes, charts either.

Listen to Wade Bowen's 'Saturday Night'