Walker Hayes is like Sam Hunt in some ways, but he may have even more flow. His new single "You Broke Up With Me" is catchy as all get out, but listen close and you'll find that it's a sassy kiss-off to an ex love.

"You Broke Up With Me" is playful — Hayes has a nonchalant attitude toward this girl after she leaves him in the dust. The song blends trendy and unique, and its laid-back vibe is reminiscent of a Jake Owen hit. But this newcomer offers an innovative sound that stems from his beatboxing — live he's a one-man show.

The up-and-coming singer aims to break into mainstream country radio with this breezy track with a lot of beat. Hayes whistles along while sliding out suave, not at all bitter 'F you' lines like: "Well, I got some Coke in my bourbon / Surfin' the room like Swazye / No, I ain't drunk, I'm amazing / Yeah, I got that laid way, way back, back in my swagger."

As a new artist to mainstream country radio, Hayes makes a statement not only in his swagger-led lyrics, but with a dynamic sound that is sure to catch listeners' ears. In a genre that's constantly evolving and blending sounds across borders, Hayes certainly proves that with "You Broke Up With Me," he'll fit in just fine.

Did You Know?: Hayes has co-written cuts for Rodney Atkins and Colt Ford.

Listen to Walker Hayes, “You Broke Up With Me”

Walker Hayes' "You Broke Up With Me" Lyrics:

Well, I got some Coke in my bourbon / Surfin' the room like Swazye / No, I ain't drunk, I'm amazing / Yeah, I got that laid way, way back, back in my swagger / X-Factor, feeling no pain, I'm at the top of my game. 


Darlin', you can't crash my party with your sorry's and what are we's / Don't start raining on my Mardi Gras parade for a minute / I ain't even fixin' to listen to your guilt trippin' / You're forgettin', girl, you made your bed and didn't want me in it (Hey!).

Whoa, girl, simmer on down a notch / Ain't nobody makin' you watch me get my forget you on / No, girl, can't touch my good as gold / I know it's difficult to see me on a roll / But hey, you broke up with me / Yeah, what can I say, babe, you broke up with me. 

Guess you don't know what you want / 'Til you see 'em movin' on / Making lonely look like freedom / Baby, don't even act like I'm doing something wrong / If my song comes on and / I get lost on that dance floor / In somebody's arms that ain't yours. 

For real, babe, ain't tryin' to rub it your face / I'm just breakin' off a little cold hard truth / It is what it is, girl, you did what you did, girl / I'm just doin' what a bachelor do. 

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