This gorgeous video gal is the star of this mysterious video. If you remember the video, you may remember she's not what she looks like. The first time we see her in this visual, she's behind a welding mask in a garage. Do you think you know what video she stars in?

When the video girl removes her welding mask, she tousles her hair and strips down from her garage gear to reveal a sexy crop top, mini skirt and heels. She struts over to the guy waiting for her before they're seen in a crowded club, hugging and taking shots of whiskey. She doesn't mess around; instead of taking the shot on the bar, she grabs the entire bottle and dances with it on the dance floor. The couple also ride with the top down in a convertible, he watches her work on the car in her lingerie and more in his fantasy. Does this video sound familiar now?

This song was released in March of 2004, and the video girl is actually a WWE Diva by the name of Amy Weber. The song was a popular one for the singer, becoming a No. 1 hit quickly after its release. Now do you think you know the video? Click below and find out if you're a country video trivia know it all!