Hawaii, Israel, Mexico? Sam Hunt seems like he's been anywhere but making country music in Nashville recently, but we're learning it's all part of a longterm plan.

The 33-year-old dropped a new single called "Downtown's Dead" on Wednesday (May 16), and this week's episode of That's What She Said considers the song and how we got here. Can you believe it's been 15 months since Hunt released his last single? In recent interviews Hunt has revealed he has new priorities, and now we think we know what that means.

The 2018 Taste of Country Festival headliner is not just taking time off to read books and laze about in his honeymoon home with new wife Hannah Lee Fowler. During a new interview on the Bobby Bones Show, he says it's about finding balance now — for more than four years he's had a one-track, career-focused mind. That has changed.

“I don’t think we should be doing anything as consistently as I’ve been doing music,” Hunt insists.

He has 40 to 60 songs written, but no group of any 10 to 12 songs brings the continuity he desires to create a new album. While "Downtown's Dead" is a throwback to Montevallo, his next release will better represent what is coming up. It's called "Nothing Lasts Forever," and the "Body Like a Back Road" hitmaker promises it's coming within the next month.

While Hunt has taken side trips to Hawaii, Israel and, most recently, Mexico, he spends most of his time in Nashville. The singer is a homebody, but frequents coffee shops in the 12th South area of town and insists he doesn't try to hide. He is a big guy, after all. He's just not on the road as much and he's not staying up late writing as much. "I do things like work in the yard, which I had not done before," he tells the Bobby Bones Show.

He's working, too. The trip to Mexico was to film a music video, and he's getting ready to join Luke Bryan for stadium dates of the What Makes You Country Tour this summer. So, maybe no full album is coming soon? At least it's not like he never plans to make one again!

Right, Sam?

This week's episode of That's What She Said also analyzes the very awkward scene from last week's episode of American Idol. Is Ryan Seacrest a creeper or a bad secret keeper? That's What She Said is a weekly YouTube show that lands every Friday morning-ish. Host Ania Hammar talks fashion, wine, country music and wine. Because wine. Check it out and let us know what you liked in the comments section below. (Be sure to subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel so you don't miss anything!)

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