Whitey Morgan and the 78's are releasing a new album, Hard Times and White Lines, on Oct. 26, but first Taste of Country has the exclusive premiere of the third single from the project, the ear-grabbing and guitar heavy "Just Got Paid."

The ZZ Top cover is a distinct spin on the guitar-fueled original. And with Morgan's whiskey-soaked vocals and standout musical accompaniment, it's a cover that's bound to get the boots tapping along. A steady groove and memorable guitar riffs alongside Morgan's deep voice and ear-grabbing slide guitar give the song a more haunting feel than the original.

"I just got paid today / Got me a pocket full of change," Morgan croons on the song's first verse.

“I’ve always loved that song," he tells Taste of Country. "The guitar riff is pure Billy Gibbons genius. I can’t wait to play it live every night."

Morgan produced his forthcoming project in the Neve Room at Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Texas. In addition to the striking ZZ Top cover, he worked with songwriters Travis Meadows and Ward Davis on new tracks featured on the upcoming release.

"It’s not like my vision happened overnight. I’ve been chipping away at it forever. It’s slowly evolving and it’s going in a little bit different direction. It’s not so straightforward anymore. This record definitely has a wider path, it’s broader, but it still sounds like a Whitey Morgan record," the frontman says of the album.

Whitey Morgan and the '78's "Just Got Paid" Lyrics:

I just got paid today / Got me a pocket full of change / Said, I just got paid today / Got me a pocket full of change / If you believe like workin' hard all day / Just step in my shoes and take my pay

I was born my papa's son / When I hit the ground I was on the run / I had one glad hand and the other behind / You can have yours, just give me mine / When the hound dog barkin' in the black of the night / Stick my hand in my pocket, everything's all right

I just got paid today / Got me a pocket full of change / Said, black sheep, black, do you got some wool? / Yes, I do, man, my bag is full / It's the root of evil and you know the rest / But it's way ahead of what's second best

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