Willie Nelson is a man of many talents, apparently including some skills he's not famous for -- like card tricks!

In a fun video uploaded to YouTube, Nelson struts his stuff for his sister, Bobbie. Before he begins the card trick, he shows her -- and us -- there is no "magic" behind it; all of the cards are accounted for. After counting all 52 cards, Nelson begins his game, telling the story of a rich guy (the eight of hearts) and the porter (three of spades). The rich man is in search of a group to play poker with.

The legend's trick goes as planned throughout -- when he talks about Sixth Street, he easily plunks down a six, and so forth. After performing this perfectly twice in a row, Nelson's sister looks on with a big grin on her face, clearly mesmerized. Bobbie joins in a time or two, cutting the cards to ensure Nelson isn't cheating.

When the porter (three of spades) returns to the game, Bobbie lets out a giggle, knowing her brother is on track to finish the card game properly. The trick ends with the porter complaining about how bad he is at poker, and Nelson shows an example of his normal hand, while showing the "son of a b----" who has a better hand. Bobbie and Nelson share a laugh over his completed card trick, which was pretty impressive.

Prepare to be amazed!

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