Willie Nelson is putting pen to paper (or at least his fingers to the keyboard) and writing an "unvarnished" story of his life.

Although the country star has written an autobiography before (in 1988), he promises to tell all in his newest memoir, due out in 2015 and to be published by Little, Brown and Company.

It's described as an "unvarnished, complete, and tremendous story" of the singer's life, and the publisher promises that while there are printed works on Nelson already in existence, “none will be as personal or as wide in scope as this.”

So far, the book doesn't have a title, but we imagine it will be a page-turner that every country music fan will want to place on their bookshelves. According to the publisher, "He starts at the beginning, revealing a tough little kid abandoned by his parents, and moves through his failures at various jobs, his early days as the self-starting proprietor of Willie Nelson Presents, his struggles in 1960s Nashville, and then on to the profound success he has had as one of America’s all-time most beloved singer-songwriters."

Plus, he shares unheard stories of some of country's most beloved artists, including Ray Charles, Waylon JenningsJohnny Cash, Kris KristoffersonMerle Haggard and many more. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

With 80 years under his belt, Nelson's memoir is sure to have good stories, sage-like advice and fascinating information about the man lovingly known as Shotgun Willie.