Merle Haggard joins Willie Nelson for "Unfair Weather Friend," a new single from the two legends' upcoming Django and Jimmie album. Their appreciation for one another can be heard in every note, breath and word of this friendship ballad.

Nelson and Haggard's collaborative days go back decades, but they say Django and Jimmie might be their finest effort yet. Great songs like "Unfair Weather Friend" could make it so. It's a love song, in a platonic sense.

“The whole sky opens up / It rains down on my head / I show up at your door / Beat down and soaking wet / I know you will open up / And let me waltz right in / My come whatever, unfair weather friend," Nelson sings to begin over snare brushes and and the poignant cry of pedal steel.

The song never really swells or dips. Instead, the emotion stays even from start to finish. Haggard's verses and turn at the chorus matches Nelson's:

“If I find myself out lost / On a lonely Friday night / The songs aren’t hitting home / And the whiskey don’t taste right / A few numbers on the phone / And you’re on the other end / My come whatever, unfair weather friend."

Marla Cannon-Goodman and Ward Davis penned "Unfair Weather Friend." There are rowdier songs on the album, but this track serves as a reminder of the men's age and fragility. One tends to say thanks in different ways as he or she ages. This track is a big thank you note.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Unfair Weather Friend" is as sincere of a country song as you'll find. The touching tribute from the two legends will soften any heart.

Key Lyrics: “You’re always there, right where you’ve always been / My come whatever, unfair weather friend.

Did You Know?: Nelson and Haggard's new Django and Jimmie album pays tribute to Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rodgers

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