Willie Nelson is one of the first country stars to comment on the Occupy Wall Street protests, and the legend is giving the demonstrations a big thumbs up. Nelson wrote a poem that could be titled 'We're the Ones With the 99,' and along with his wife, recites it in the video below.

"Stand up against tyranny / 
You now have the floor / 
You're the ones we've been waiting for
 / We're the ones with the 99," the Nelsons say during the poem.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are protesting social and economic inequality and corporate greed from their base camp at Zuccotti Park in New York City. Nelson refers to "Z park" in this poem to serve more as a show of solidarity than a call to action.

"The whole tax setup is a little unfair
 / But some of us don't mind paying our share / 
We're the ones that we've been waiting for
 / We're the ones with the 99," they recite.

Nelson has often mixed social issues with his art. He the co-creator of Farm Aid and avid supporter of the legalization of marijuana. Recently he performed a song called 'Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die' that some say may be the title track of his next album.

Nelson's wife wears a T-shirt with the words "no nos quedaremos callados" on the front. In small print below reads the English translation: We will not be silent.

Watch Willie Nelson Perform His Occupy Wall Street Poem

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