The legendary Willie Nelson may have endorsed Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the 2012 presidential race, but when it comes down to a choice between President Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, it looks like the entertainer has chosen to go with the incumbent president.

Speaking to reporters on the red carpet at last week's CMA Awards -- where he was presented with a special tribute and Lifetime Achievement Award -- Nelson initially demurred when a journalist from CNN asked him if he knew who he was voting for. "No, I don't yet. I'm one of the undecided," Nelson stated. But his wife was having none if it.

"You're not a holdout!" she protested, prompting the reporter to ask, "You're an Obama guy, aren't you?"

"She's an Obama gal," Nelson responded with a grin toward his wife.

"He has a wife -- he's an Obama guy," she rejoined playfully.

Although the exchange was all in good humor, Nelson acknowledged that he feels Obama is the better choice on certain issues. "For the women, I think Obama's the guy," he said. Asked if he was referring to women's health care choices, Nelson nodded, adding, "I think that's a big issue, and I think that's one that Obama's on the right side of history. And I think that'll have a big influence on the election. And I think I'll probably vote for him."

Nelson also gave the sitting president props for his handling of the Hurricane Sandy disaster and its aftermath. "He's really shown what a president's supposed to do ... he's acted very presidential, and it's nice to see him and Gov. Christie coming together and showing us what's it like when to people who were originally on opposite sides come together for the good of the country."

Somehow we suspect that if President Obama were to come down on the side of legalizing marijuana, Nelson would go out and fund his own Super Pac in an effort to re-elect him.