There are a few rules one should follow when getting a tattoo. First, ask a few other people if it's a good idea, and if they answer without laughing first, go for it. Second, if you're considering a tattoo of your favorite country star's face, place him or her on an area without a lot of moles, freckles or scars. And finally, sleep on it. Make sure it's a good idea... when you're not drinking. 

Some of the tattoos in this list of the the worst country tattoos break one or more of these rules, plus a few others. There are a few ink images of major country superstars in addition to Kenny Chesney and Kenny Rogers, and then some dedications to country hobbies. One tattoo includes about 12 separate passions in a collision of bad ideas. It's worth seeing. Click the big button below to get started viewing the wost country tattoos.

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