Taylor Swift isn't letting up on the mystery. The 'Begin' singer has just revealed a third clue about ... something. New music? We're not so sure anymore.

Earlier this week, Swift began using her social media accounts to drop hints to fans, and given that it's been two years since her 'Red' album was released, many are hoping the clues will lead to new music.

A third clue, revealed Thursday (Aug. 7) is a screenshot of the Yahoo! search engine. The web address and logo are both visible, and the search bar is filled in with the words "this is clue #3."

For those not keeping track: Swift's first hint was a video clip showing the singer pressing the No. 18 button on an elevator repeatedly. Then came clue No. 2 -- a cryptic photo showing her adorable kitten Olivia and the New York skyline on an iPhone screenshot captured right at 5PM.

So, what do all these clues mean? New music seems to be the frontrunner of the speculation, but this latest hint sparks an interesting new idea.

Yahoo! has recently partnered up with Live Nation to live stream one concert a day for 365 days. Although the first 30-day preview has been released and Swift isn't in the initial lineup, don't write her out. Since the concert series began on July 15, it's still possible that a Swift live stream show could take place on Aug. 18 (hence the elevator button) at 5PM ( hence the screenshot) on Yahoo! (see clue No. 3).

The lead singles from Swift's last two albums were both released in the month of August. Swifties, what do you think of all of these teasers? Do you know the answer?

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