Yellowstone's Eden Brolin is officially married! The actor, who plays the role of Mia in the television drama, married Cameron Crosby on Sunday, May 1.

Brolin's father, acclaimed actor and Outer Range star Josh Brolin, was present for his daughter's nuptials and shared a photo of himself and his daughter on her special day. He also penned a sweet post reflecting on the day and his life with his family, calling the wedding the "most intimate" ceremony he'd ever seen.

"Sitting on the deck looking out at the countryside, the pond, and listening to the sounds of the wildlife. Coffee in hand," Brolin wrote one day after the wedding. "My daughter having just gotten married and all of us having been inside the greatest, most intimate wedding ceremony I’ve ever seen. Everything was real and as diverse as the personalities involved were, everything was selfless, connected, and directed towards the wedding couple."

The actor continued, commenting that he felt "strange" the day after the ceremony and expressing the desire to put together a book of his writings.

"I feel what a waste of life certain behaviors are, reactions," he writes. "My daughter last night, my God, and her groom: awe. We will leave here today or tomorrow and keep going, kids still in our bed all night. We will travel, and I will compile there. I know what to put together. A book from ‘87 until now: journals, prose, poems: a gasoline bubble bath."

Josh Brolin shares Eden and son Trevor with ex-wife Alice Adair, and he has two young daughters — Westlyn Rain, 3, and Chapel Grace, 16 months — with his wife, Kathryn Boyd. The actor also mentioned his younger daughters in the post, reflecting on fatherhood as a whole.

"When your daughter gets married it all shows up: the memories, a life lived (or not), and how certain relationships resonate," he writes. "I am so grateful for this time and this place to be able to have this time on. There are the kindest people out there. I have little kids to raise again, entire lives to monitor and be sensitive to. I didn’t grow old and go off to Italy. I stayed and walked my daughter over a grassy countryside to a commitment — a groom with tears falling down his cheeks — and I melted with it, into it."

Eden and Crosby announced they were engaged in August of 2018. The two began dating in 2016, and Josh reportedly gave Crosby his full approval when his future son-in-law asked for Eden's hand in marriage.

"My little girl's getting married, asked by a guy whom I adore," Josh said at the time, according to People. "Imagine that? A guy who I have a strong feeling will look after her best interests, keep her heart safe. Congratulations you two."

Season 5 of Yellowstone begins shooting in May, and it will premiere in the Fall of 2022. Seasons 1-4 of the hit Paramount Network show are currently available to stream via Peacock.

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