Miranda Lambert may not let you ride her "Little Red Wagon," but the staff at St. Jude will let you take a spin in theirs.

Actually, it becomes your little red wagon should you need to stay at the Memphis, Tenn. hospital, and it's a symbol of everything great about this world-renowned research and treatment facility. Lambert recognizes that's true, saying each visit to St. Jude feeds her soul.

At other hospitals you'll find patients being pushed around in wheelchairs. They often sit slumped over, looking desperate and ... well, sick. Not at St. Jude. Kids get pulled in their own red wagons, because even when you're battling cancer or another life-threatening illness you should still be able feel like a kid, right? Actually, the joys of childhood become even more appreciated when you're battling cancer.

The wagons are part of an atmosphere that offers hope to families forced to stay on the St. Jude campus for an extended period of time. While the treatment and patient care are what put the children's hospital on the front lines of the cancer battle, it's the extra attention to detail that truly makes the institution unique. The walls are bright and cheery, designed or decorated by the kids that stay there. Family apartments are warm and spacious, so when it's time to rest one can truly do just that.

The best part is no family ever receives a bill after a stay at St. Jude. Thanks to donations from individuals, the hospital continues to revolutionize how we treat life-threatening illnesses without taxing moms and dads already saddled with the stress of a sick child.

The cost of each little red wagon is about the same as the cost of becoming a Partner in Hope at St. Jude. It's a $20 monthly donation that makes a big difference. In 26 years, those monthly donations from country music fans have really added up. Over $600 million has been raised, but there's more work to be done.

On March 5-6 Taste of Country has joined 16 Townsquare Media-owned stations for a St. Jude Children's Research Hospital radiothon. Click the button below to make a donation. We've also included Lambert's sassy performance of the song from the 2015 Grammys. Charity has never sounded so good.

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