Zac Brown Band is one of the most talented country groups on the charts right now. And the band's latest video release proves why. Showcasing the entire group's musical prowess and creativity, 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' becomes more than just a mournful love ballad.

Most of us don't typically think of a circus when we hear a heartbreaking love song, but -- somehow -- in the 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' video, it works. The clip starts out with Brown opening a trunk in an old circus tent and instantly being transported to a turn-of-the-century circus. Amidst the jugglers, unicyclists, flame throwers and exotic animals, you see that two circus workers who were once in love are now falling apart.

As the beautiful dancer moves on to get attention from the ringmaster and the strong man, her former flame looks on with a broken heart. At the end of the video, she walks away from the circus, leaving the party -- and her ex --i n the background.

The timeless aesthetic of an early 1900s three-ring circus adds to the mournful quality of the song. It just proves that breakups and broken hearts have always been a part of life. Unfortunately, that means they always will be.

Everything from the props to the styling in the 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' video has a vintage chic effect that is completely classy -- just like Zac Brown Band.