After spending two years in hiding, Flody Boatwood has emerged ready for more adventure. This time he's teamed up with brother 'Brody' and sister 'Jody' Boatwood to fight a tentacled sea-monster. Yep, it's another Zac Brown Band video.

Boatwood first appeared in the video for 'Toes' in 2009 and had an unfortunate run in with a group of colorful villains on ATVs. In this video for the Zac Brown Band's 'Knee Deep,' the bad guys are in a rickety, motorized row boat, and the family Boatwood is fighting to protect ... well, it's not exactly clear what they're fighting to protect. 'Flody' ends up kidnapped, and the fun picks up from there.

Juliette Lewis plays the roll of Jody Boatwood. Brown and Jimmy Buffett don't play a roll in the action, aside from Buffett swimming out to retrieve a glass bottle that he assumes (correctly) may have a note in it. The note ends up not having anything to do with the mayham being created by the Boatwood clan. It's only an invite to meet Brown and his band in Mexico. The video was shot in Careyes, Mexico.

There are also tiki torches, a Flody Boatwood haircut and plenty of alcohol. None of this action has anything to do with the story the song tells, but that was the case with 'Toes,' and it now approaches seven million views on YouTube. 'Knee Deep' is on the Zac Brown Band's 'You Get What You Give' album.

Watch the Zac Brown Band/Jimmy Buffett 'Knee Deep' Video

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