Zac Brown Band's 'Sweet Annie' video took a whole lot of planning. That's because it wasn't just a country music video -- it was also the real-life wedding of ZBB member Coy Bowles!

The band's fans get a front row viewing of the country artist and his bride Kylie's nuptials. "There was a lot of planning that went into this wedding, and a lot of hard work on many people's efforts," explains Boyles. From watching the video, we have to agree -- it was a perfectly-planned, perfectly-executed day.

The 'Sweet Annie' video begins with very brief footage of the wedding, including an amazing overhead shot, and it's soon interspersed with the band's adventures on the road. It's an interesting look at what life married to a traveling musician is like, with lots of road miles, backstage jam sessions, time alone and sweet moments spent together as a couple.

The shots of Bowles' wedding are thrilling, and of course, a wedding isn't a wedding without a beautiful dress. There are detailed shots of the intricately jeweled gown that's elegant with a slight gypsy flair. It goes along well with the wedding ceremony's theme of a gypsy fantasy land.

Boyles was impressed by the turnout of the day. "The sun and weather could not have been more perfect. Kylie, my wife, really out did herself creatively on the vibe and look of the wedding," he remarks. "She had a vision of what she wanted the wedding to look like ... we were really able to pull of this relaxing, gypsy fantasy land of a wedding."

The beaming bride has a unique and sweet entrance into the ceremony, and the adoring look on Bowles' face when he sees his future wife is enough to melt any heart. The band, their friends and family dance the night away after the touching reception -- and end the evening in an unconventional way. You'll just have to watch!