Moments before Sugarland's stage came crashing down Saturday night, Laura Magdziarz was watching her 3-year-old daughter Maggie play in an open space just in front of the stage. She tells the Indianapolis Star that security had noticed the young fan wearing pink rhinestone shoes, a tutu and hairstyle matching Jennifer Nettles' flip-do in the 'Stuck Like Glue' video, and told her it'd be all right if she used the space until the band came onstage.

The little girl returned to her mother, but minutes later, Magdziarz was on the ground desperately searching for Maggie, Maggie's 12-year-old sister and the girls' grandmother. She found her 10-year-old first, then saw Maggie crying a few feet away. She tried to stand but couldn't put weight on her broken leg. Maggie's left arm was a mangled heap of flesh and blood. A woman approached and said Maggie needed immediate care. She used phrases like "severed artery" and then disappeared with the 3-year-old.

Unlike those of the five killed at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night, this story has a relatively happier ending. Maggie was transported to the hospital safely, and Laura Magdziarz was patched up and notified of her daughter and other family members' whereabouts. There was no severed artery, although Maggie Mullin will need more surgery, including a skin graft, to fix her left arm. The Indianapolis Star reports the child is at the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis.

Magdziarz says that Sugarland was her daughter's first concert, but adds she probably won't attend future shows at the Indiana State Fair for a while. One guesses a 3-year-old in a tutu can be pretty convincing, however.