Aaron Lewis' Sinner has been released, and the last track is an important one, a duet featuring his teenage daughter. Lewis stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio and gushed about her vocals.

Lewis' 11-track Sinner dropped on Friday (Sept. 16) on Dot Records. He recently released the album's first single, "That Ain't Country," a song he says he wrote while "questioning where the country is in a lot of today’s country music."

"That Ain't Country" is the second track on the record, followed by "Sinner," a duet with Willie Nelson. The one on the album that really sticks out, though, has a voice we're not familiar with. It's the voice of his daughter Zoe, who was 13 at the time. Lewis couldn't help but express his pride in her work on "Travelin' Soldier." She "nailed" her performance, he says, even if she was a little nervous.

“With that kind of nerves and that kind of excitement, that’s when people crash and burn bad in their tryouts for The Voice or American Idol, on the spot in front of people that make you nervous," he explained. "She laid that down three times and she sang it three times and she was done and it was perfect. For it to be her first experience doing that and in a room front of people she was intimidated by ... That little girl nailed it three times. I’m a very proud dad.”

He says she's keeping it quiet at school, but that all may change. Lewis thinks it could be the "most downloaded song off the record.” Fans can download "Travelin' Soldier" as well as the 10 other tracks now on iTunes.

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