A Nashville woman has accused country singer and former The Voice contestant Adam Wakefield of rape. Her allegations stem from a 2017 encounter between the two, according to a representative for the musician.

On Monday (June 22), a woman with the Twitter handle @erica___lynn, who identifies herself as Erica on the social networking site, shared an account of an alleged sexual encounter between Wakefield and her after a Halloween party "a few years ago." The two had been "talking" for a few weeks at the time, after meeting at a bar, she says.

"He asked me to spend the night. I was very drunk, I assume he was as well, and said yes because I thought I trusted him," Erica says. "Later that night I woke up to him on top of me having sex with me. When I asked him to stop he said, 'You know you like it.' And wouldn't."

The following day, Erica says, a co-worker took her to a local hospital to have a rape kit completed. "The following week is a blur," she recounts, but writes about a "controlled call" between herself and Wakefield, during which police listened and recorded the conversation.

"He repeatedly said, 'I'm sorry I f--ked up,' while I cried and asked why he raped me," Erica says. "The following day the police went to his apartment and he told them he thought I was awake."

The day after police visited Wakefield's apartment, Erica says, the assistant district attorney threw out her case. "My rape kit showed trauma, they had recordings of him saying he 'f--ked up,' but it wasn't enough since he 'thought I was awake,'" she writes via Twitter. Following the alleged assault, Erica says she sought therapy via the Nashville's Sexual Assault Center. She says she's stayed quiet about the incident "because I'm terrified of him, the power he has and the repercussions of speaking out."

In a statement provided to Taste of Country, Wakefield says that Erica's accusation "was in connection with a relationship that took place three years ago." At the time, he says, he "gave a statement to detectives and fully cooperated with the investigating authorities."

ToC contacted the Metro Nashville Police Department to confirm the details of the investigation, but did not hear back as of press time. This story will be updated should further information become available.

"No charges were ever filed against me and this matter was closed," Wakefield's statement continues. "I am not going to make any efforts to squash this woman's statement or try to diminish her voice. I wish nothing but healing and peace for her."

"I apologize to both my professional and personal family for any hurt this accusation has caused," he concludes, "and especially my mother who has dedicated her life's work to fighting against domestic violence and other injustices against women."

Erica identifies Wakefield by name at the very end of her account. She says another woman contacted her after the assault to share her own allegations against Wakefield, and in a subsequent tweet, she says that "MULTIPLE other women" have claimed to have similar interactions. A third tweet from Wednesday (June 24) mentions "someone else" who contacted Erica and is "also willing to talk to the police."

Wakefield's rep tells Taste of Country he has no comment on the additional allegations.

Wakefield was the runner-up on The Voice during its 10th season, as a member of Blake Shelton's team, and recently-formed the trio Texas Hill with American Idol alum Casey James and fellow The Voice competitor Craig Wayne Boyd.

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