Sinus infection: 2, Alan Jackson: 0. The legendary country star missed two performances this weekend, the first of which was cited as a reason for canceling the other.  The promoter of the Jukebox Music Festival shut the event down hours after it became clear Jackson would not be performing. 

The infection caused Jackson to postpone his Friday night (July 20) show at Los Angeles' Greek Theatre. He's rescheduled for Wednesday July 25, but fans looking forward to the performance at the Jukebox Music Festival are still wondering about their refunds. Thousands were angry and confused when his performance was cancelled and the venue closed by 3PM.

The festival was supposed to take place from 11AM, Friday through 9PM Sunday at the Shasta District Fair Grounds in Anderson. Unfortunately, by 10AM Sunday morning, festival promoters knew that the 'So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore' hitmaker wouldn't be playing. Promoter Allan Folino tells radio station KNCQ that rumors of his illness stunted walk-up ticket sales. Fans didn't think he'd play after he rescheduled Friday night's show.

“We ran out of money for Alan Jackson,” Folino said this morning (quotes via “We talked all night long to try to get him to work with us. They came back and said he is going to take a pass.” Folino added that the singer had received half of his $225K fee, and wasn't legally bound to play.

Around 2:30 p.m., after Ricky Skaggs performed his soundcheck and Pam Tillis was about to perform her own, a man walked on stage and told the crowd that the rest of the day had been canceled, and the venue was closing.

"Jackson, his band and crew were on-site this morning (July 22), ready to load in and prepare for the show, but he will regretfully not be performing," a statement at the singer's website reads. "Citing the postponement of Jackson's Friday show in Los Angeles, the promoter felt that this impacted ticket sales, even though Jackson played a sold-out show in Salinas, Calif. Saturday night. Jackson is sorry to disappoint his fans who had expected to see him tonight, but the trucks and buses will turn around and head to Los Angeles ..."

Wanting to appease her fans, Tillis was willing to stay and play a few songs. But as she sang 'Amazing Grace' to an audience full of singalong participants, security stepped on stage and told the crowd to disperse.

“It is disappointing for those of us that have come a long way for the festival and have paid a lot of money. We are not getting what we paid for. We are getting nothing on the third day of the concert. People have a right to be upset,” said Barbara Pfiffer of Klamath Falls, Ore. (quote via 'Anderson Valley Post').

Of course festival ticketholders were confused at the sudden cancellation of events. Unfortunately, the message on the Jukebox Festival's website didn't do much to clear up the situation:

We are very grateful for those of you who were able to join us on Friday and Saturday at the Jukebox Music Festival. Despite the hard work and dedication of countless volunteers, community supporters, and generous sponsors we are saddened to have to close the gates on our inaugural festival at 3 pm Sunday, July 22nd.

We designed this event as a celebration of Northern California country and to help attract more attention to our area as a great destination. We are very sorry to have not been able to fulfill our dream. We hope you all enjoyed the two and a half days of music, dancing and eating.

Thank you.

Festival promoters indicate they'll make refunds while there is still money available. Fans can contact event promoters at