On 'You Go Your Way,' Alan Jackson finds himself heartbroken... again. That's three radio singles in a row that focus on the wrong end of love, but not all with convincing pathos. 

"All your pretty bags are packed / Forever sure did go by fast / I hope you find the skies are blue / The grass is green and the road is smooth," Jackson sings to begin the song. Unlike 'So You Don't Have to Love Me Anymore,' the legend doesn't appear to dive deep into a memory to recreate a sense of loss. The song is sung with all the worry of Brad Paisley's 'I'm Gonna Miss Her.'

"You go your way, c'est la vie sweet baby / Here’s hoping that you don’t hate me / Who knows you might just maybe miss me out there / It ain’t about who’s right or wrong / Love dies and life goes on / Had a good thing but now it’s long gone baby / You go your way and I’ll go crazy," Jackson adds during each chorus without a whiff of insanity in his voice.

'Thirty Miles West' is a somewhat of a dark project, full of honest and sincere sentiment. 'You Go Your Way' is more a bridge song that connects one low to the next high. If this song becomes a hit when 'So You Don't Love Me Anymore' couldn't, it doesn't speak well of country radio.

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