Used to Love You Sober” is a fine representative for Kane Brown’s new Chapter 1 EP. With one exception, the newcomer relies on a throaty delivery of spoken word-to-crooning lyrics to tell stories of love or love lost. He’s as advertised.

The five songs aren’t built on irresistible melodies. Instead Brown relies on the intensely personal nature of his delivery to convey emotions most listening can understand and appreciate quickly. “Wide Open” captures the angst of youth before becoming a backroads romancer. “Excuses” is one side of a bad breakup on the horizon.

Josh Hoge, Matthew McVaney and Chris Young helped Brown write “There Goes My Everything,” the most straight-forward love song on Chapter 1. “I watch her every morning / Putting on her makeup,” he sings to begin the song before showing range at the chorus:

“When I see her face I can’t help but think / There goes my everything.”

“Last Minute Late Night” breaks up the formula. It’s the only song of the five Brown didn’t write, and it's the most convincing. Credit Ben Caver, Corey Crowder and Matthew McGinn for a strong melody and catchy chorus. Brown isn't tasked with supporting the song all by himself. The relief is a welcome break halfway through this EP.

Key Tracks: “Used to Love You Sober,” “Last Minute Late Night”

Did You Know?: Brown will tour with Florida Georgia Line this summer.

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