Alyssa Micaela might be settling down, but she's not losing her edge. In "Lose My Cool," an up-tempo, rock-friendly song off her upcoming debut album, the singer vows to never lose touch with her fun side, despite the fact that she's falling in love.

It's a topic that's grounded in real life, Micaela explains to Taste of Country as she debuts the groovy new track.

"I just recently got married and had this idea when I first met my husband," she explains. "He was everything I'd prayed for, and I knew s--t was about to get real and I was all in, but just wanted to make sure I was still gonna be a cool chick!"

Micaela co-wrote the song with Maddie Larkin and Lauren McLamb, and she says that it felt effortless writing a song that turned out to be "a little funkier than anything else I'd done before.

"...The verses have so many words in them -- you would think it took us a while to write it, but it felt like it all just poured out and we had so much fun that day," Micaela continues. "Then my friends Alex Torrez and David Dorn produced the fire out of it, and really took it to the next level. I'll never forget that day in the studio, and how giddy it made me feel. It was definitely one of those days that makes you say, 'This is why I do this!'"

"Lose My Cool" comes off of Micaela's debut album, The Hard Way. The Hard Way was years in the making, and Micaela admits that it's been a tough journey of self-exploration, re-invention and growth. Over the course of the process, Micaela had to shift focus away from trying to write what would "impress a label," instead honing in on what she truly wanted to say in her music.

"I've dreamed of making my debut album for years and at times felt really impatient, but now that it's done, I'm thankful I took the time to write the right songs. There's not a single song I question or regret recording," she explains.

"In the past I've let people pressure me into recording certain songs — and then later on [wished] I didn't because I didn't even wanna sing those songs and they didn't feel like me," the singer continues. "That's not the case with this album because I stand by every single song. I hope this is the first of many albums in my career, but if it's the only one I ever make, I would be proud knowing I did it well and it's exactly who I am."

The Hard Way is due out on Apr. 28.

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