'American Idol' contestant Haley Reinhart went country tonight, performing 'Blue' by LeAnn Rimes. Reinhart showed off her range, since she sang an Alicia Keys song last week. The 'Idol' hopeful was tasked with nailing an unusual, yodel-style in some parts of the song, which was decidedly "love it" or "hate it."

Overall, the judges disagreed markedly about Reinhart's performance. Jennifer Lopez loved the singer's simmering, sensual heat, saying, "You do things with your voice that is so diverse, even in the yodeling in this song, it is so unique to you."

Randy Jackson wasn't moved and was fighting off Zzzzs during the performance, saying, "It was a little boring, a little sleepy. And boring. You're young, you got all this energy." Is it us, or is Jackson this season's Simon Cowell?

Steven Tyler side with J. Lo, saying he loved Reinhart's effort, too. Hey, you can't please everyone. Now it's up to America to decide.

Watch Haley Reinhart Sing LeAnn Rimes' 'Blue'