Angela Wolff, a self-professed "Georgia peach with an edge," admitted she wanted coach Blake Shelton to choose her on tonight's episode of 'The Voice.' She talked about following him on Twitter and loving his sense of humor which we, as avid followers of Shelton and watchers of 'The Voice,' have learned is pretty hysterical.

Wolff chose to sing 'The House That Built Me,' popularized by his fiancée Miranda Lambert, in a move that was both smart and risky at once. It was a wise way to butter up to Shelton by going after his heart, but it was also risky, since the woman he is about to marry sings it ... and how can you compete with that?

The move didn't pay off for Wolff, as none of the coaches took a bite out of this edgy Georgia peach on her first try. Shelton admitted to that "I wanted to push my button, but I was waiting for it to go somewhere, but where it went was not the right places." Wolff looked about as crestfallen as you can get, despite receiving some positive feedback from the man she wanted to choose her.

But she was given a reprieve at the end of the episode, when she belted out Adele's 'Rolling in the Deep.' The uptempo song played to Wolff's strengths and was enough to get coach Adam Levine to pick her for his team.