Ashley McBryde is ending her felonious video trilogy with the release of the video for "Hang in There Girl."

The trilogy first began with McBryde's song "One Night Standards" and followed with "Martha Divine," and the latest set of visuals is packed full of twists and turns, including an ending scene that suggests there may be more to the story.

"Hang in There Girl" is country-rock anthem that recalls the Rolling Stones' classic "Start Me Up," but with more twang. The subject of the song is a 15-year-old girl who is "barely hangin' on" in a trailer park on the figurative other side of town from McBryde.

The chorus repeats the song's title three times, before the singer assures the girl, "It'll be alright." While it's rather simplistic, there is an underlying tone of earnestness that adds warmth to the message of encouragement.

In the accompany music video, McBryde once again reprises her role as a motel desk clerk who previously caught one Martha Divine with her friend's father. The Martha character has been wrapped up, dumped into the trunk of the yellow Plymouth in which McBryde is riding shotgun and, viewers are led to believe, buried in the woods.

McBryde and her friend head to a salvage yard, at which the car is crushed. However, we find out, Martha hasn't been buried alive after all: Instead, she was left in the woods, and it's the hotel ledger with her name it that's been buried.

The surprises don't end there, either: A mystery man enters and uncovers the ledger that has Martha's name in it. His identity and his reason for taking the ledger remain mysteries.

"Hang in There Girl" is the third song released from McBryde's upcoming sophomore album, Never Will, which is set for a release on April 3.

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