Ashley Monroe's eagerly anticipated fourth full-length release, Sparrow, dropped on April 20—and there's one fan who definitely approves heartily of the album.

That would be Monroe's adorable son, Dalton William Danks, who is just shy of nine months old, and looks thrilled both examining and chewing on his mom's CD in a cute multi-photo post she shared on Instagram.

The album has a good deal of adult-flavored vibes, celebrating Monroe's sensual side, but it still has much to do with her life as a wife and mom. Monroe worked on the album while pregnant with her first child, so was approaching it completely substance-free; additionally, she explored themes of her own childhood, including the pain of losing her father at an early age.

Dalton was born July 28 of last year. Monroe and husband John Danks, a free MLB agent who was the former pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, were married in 2013, with bestie Miranda Lambert serving Monroe’s maid of honor. The couple announced their pregnancy on Christmas day 2016 and revealed the gender in March.

Monroe’s previous studio record, The Blade, was released to critical acclaim and named one of the best albums of 2015 by several publications, including Rolling Stone and Time magazine. It was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Country album. She also released a live album in 2016 recorded at Nashville’s Third Man Records, owned by Jack White.

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