Bailey Zimmerman's new song "Fix'n to Break" finds him asking a heartbreaking question: Are we over?

The song is about an unstable phase of a relationship, when the couple doesn't quite know if it's going to last or if it's coming to an end.

Zimmerman tells the story by describing himself as a fix-it man in the first verse, but as he admits, the broken relationship may be the one thing he can't mend. The singer plays the part of the person who wants to make things work, but as he feels the connection slipping away, he decides to ask his partner directly about the state of their love.

"Tell me somethin' / What's been on your mind? Are you thinkin' 'bout runnin'? / 'Cause I'm sittin' here, losin' mine / And there ain't nothin' / You could say to me right now to change the way I love you / But if it's up to you this time / Tell me what it is you're thinkin', shoot me straight / Are we fixin' to break?," he sings.

He continues professing his love and questioning the connection in the second verse, comparing their relationship to a house that has the potential to come crumbling down. In the end, the relationship is left in question, as he admits they've both considered the possibility of "someone else."

The vulnerable lyrics are paired with a musical mix of acoustic guitar, steel guitar, soaring background vocals and a hint of banjo, which adds to the emotional nature of the tune.

The song follows his most recent release, "Get to Gettin' Gone."

Zimmerman made his debut in mainstream country music in 2022 with his No. 1 hit, "Fall in Love," and he released his debut EP Leave the Light On in October 2022. He will hit the road this year with Morgan Wallen on his One Night at a Time World Tour, which kicks off in March and runs through the fall.

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