Luke Combs has a massive catalog of hit songs for him to choose from for his live shows, but sometimes, the audience just loves a good cover.

Throughout his career, the "Where the Wild Things Are" singer has covered numerous songs, and he's not picky when it comes to the genre.

Combs has captivated concert crowds with his renditions of all sorts of country songs. He has sung Brooks & Dunn's "Brand New Man" — even working with the duo on a recorded collaborative version for their Reboot album — Randy Houser's "How Country Feels" and "Tennessee Whiskey," which was originally recorded by David Allan Coe.

In a special moment at the 2023 BMI Country Awards, he covered Morgan Wallen's "Thought You Should Know" with his country colleague right beside him.

What Songs Does Luke Combs Cover?

Combs is also known to select non-country songs to cover during his tours. One staple is Ed Sheeran's "Dive." He's even brought Sheeran out to sing the song with him!

And who could forget his other staple that's always included in his setlist: Tracy Champman's "Fast Car."

Combs describes it as one of his favorite songs of all time. Not only has he sung the song countless times for audiences across the globe, but the "Love You Anyway" singer recorded the song and released it as a single in 2023. Since then, it's become one of the most successful releases of his career.

Because of its popularity, Combs was able to coax Chapman out of retirement to sing the song with him at the 2023 CMA Awards. The performance earned a standing ovation.

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    Randy Houser's "How Country Feels"

    Combs was destined to be a country singer. While "How Country Feels" belongs to Randy Houser, it could have easily been a part of Combs' catalog. Even as a young artist covering this song in 2016, he showed he could command a stage and an audience.

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    Bob Seger's "Night Moves"

    Some covers are so natural, they feel like the artists covering the song may have written it themselves. Bob Seger's "Night Moves" is that song for Combs. Even with just a guitar on this lap, he makes the song feel like an original country track.

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    David Lee Murphy's "Dust on the Bottle"

    Luke Combs loves a good singalong when it comes to his covers, which is why David Lee Murphy's "Dust on the Bottle" is a great choice. In this particular video, he invited Cody Johnson to join him just in time for the second verse. What really makes it epic is they closed out the song in the pouring rain.

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    Soggy Bottom Boys' "Man of Constant Sorrow"

    Are we sure Combs wasn't a member of the Soggy Bottom Boys from the movie O Brother, Where Are Thou? His vocals are phenomenal as he belts out "I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow," but what really sends this live cover over the edge is his harmonies with his band.

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    David Allan Coe's "Tennessee Whiskey"

    While "Tennessee Whiskey" has received a lot of notoriety because of Chris Stapleton, it was originally recorded by David Allen Coe, and there's even a George Jones version out there, too. It's safe to say Combs could easily record this for an upcoming project and it would be a big hit.

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    Vince Gill's "One More Last Chance"

    Although Luke Combs and Vince Gill have different vocal ranges, Combs holds his own with the veteran. The two linked up for an epic duet version of "One More Last Chance" and the results are legendary.

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    Ed Sheeran's "Dive"

    Ed Sheeran's "Dive" has been a staple at Combs' shows, and he's included it in his setlists for the last few tours. The song is in his vocal wheelhouse and fits his more sultry vibes, similar to "The Kind of Love We Make." In this video, Combs surprised the crowd with Sheeran, who sang the song with him.

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    Morgan Wallen's "Thought You Should Know"

    It's really neat to watch artists cover each other's songs in front of one another. Combs and Morgan Wallen had the honor of singing each other's songs at the 2023 BMI Country Awards. Combs selected "Thought You Should Know" and his version is flawless.

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    Brooks & Dunn's "Brand New Man"

    Not only is Combs a Brooks & Dunn fan, he got to work with them on their Reboot album on this very song. He helped them re-imagine "Brand New Man" as a collaborative effort. In this video he gives us a look at what the song would be like stripped down to an acoustic version.

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    Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car"

    Combs says Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" is one of his favorite songs of all time. His cover has been one of the most successful singles in his career, and while the recording is beautiful, nothing beats the live version. He sang the song with Chapman at the 2023 CMA Awards, but he sang it with thousands of fans in this video.

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