Though new on the country music scene, Maren Morris has undeniably become a force to be reckoned with. Since the release of her debut single, "My Church," Morris has carved out a permanent spot in the genre unlike any other.

Not even a year after the release of her chart-topping, groundbreaking project Hero, Morris has found herself as a leader in the genre, scooping up CMA, ACM and Grammy Awards along the way, in addition to headlining her first tour. While she still has yet to achieve a No. 1 song ("My Church" was Top 5 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart), the young star is currently working her way to that top spot, with three of the five songs on this list cracking the Top 30, and one that charted without even being released as a single.

Though all the tracks on our list are featured on Hero, Morris’ work has a way of transcending albums. The power of her lyrics, edgy voice and ability to create a unique character with her music make her an artist bound not only for superstardom in country music, but across genre lines. Our No. 1 choice may align with most fans’ opinions, but the order of her other singles could be up for debate. Take a look at our selections for Maren Morris’ best songs yet.

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    From "Hero" (2016)

    One of Morris’ many gifts is her ability to take you to a different place when you hear her music, and “Once” is a prime example of that. The moody beat immediately draws the listener in, pulling you into the atmospheric lyrics as she creates an environment of pain with her voice. Her show-stopping performance of the track with Alicia Keys at the 2017 Grammy Awards helped put the song on the map, launching it onto the Billboard charts and into the hearts of fans, even though it wasn’t a single at the time.

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    "I Could Use a Love Song"

    From "Hero" (2016)

    The third single off her breakthrough album, Hero, “I Could Use a Love Song” serves as a poignant ballad, adding a nice balance from her previous upbeat and sass-filled singles. The thought-provoking song chronicles a relatable story about falling out of love once the magic is gone in a relationship that finds listeners bopping their head along not just to the beat, but in agreement — a talent that Morris is a master at.

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    From "Hero" (2016)

    There’s no denying it — "Rich" is simply a fabulous song. Morris demonstrates her subtle grit just enough to deliver the song's facetious lyrics. Calling out an MIA lover is no new subject, but the singer manages to make it feel fresh and exciting with the playful edge she so naturally exudes, making it stand out just as much as her radio hits.

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    "80s Mercedes"

    From "Hero" (2016)

    Morris speaks directly to '80s and '90s kids on this spunky track that makes you want to sing along, becoming one of the most added songs on country radio in 2016. Morris said that she wanted to bring a lot of imagery to life with the song and she accomplishes just as she makes fans feel like they’re riding shotgun with her on the nostalgic journey, which is a true sign of a gifted songwriter.

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    "My Church"

    From "Hero" (2016)

    It should come as no surprise that Morris' fiery debut single tops our list of her best songs. The track swept through country radio like a tornado, resonating with fans and her peers alike. The fierce singer showed the world what kind of artist she would be with this song, proving that her talent is a special one with its bold lyrics and honest statements about embracing imperfections, reminiscent of a Miranda Lambert song. Even if Morris hadn’t cracked the Top 5 with this statement-making number, its prowess and stamina would still be worth mentioning.

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