Big Kenny's big smile is well deserved -- the Big and Rich hitmaker just found out he will be the second-ever U.S. recipient of the African Children’s Choir Malaika award, which will be handed to him during a big event in New York City.

The award is being presented to the singer-songwriter for his endless hours of work in Sudan over the past several years. His efforts will be rewarded on Monday, December 3 during the 4th annual Benefit Gala. The goodwill award is considerably the most prestigious form of recognition from the ACC, and is presented only to those who dedicate their time and heart by working on behalf of Africa’s most vulnerable children.

To date, only a handful of individuals have been presented with the Malaika Award: Rt. Hon Gordon Brown MP, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, President George Bush for his approval of legislation combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases in Africa, and Sir Bob Geldorf.

But before he gets his trophy, Big Kenny is set to take part in a very moving performance with the childrens choir on the CBS show 'This Morning,' which airs at 7AM ET, also on Dec. 3.

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