Blake Shelton plays an uncompromising tow truck driver in Cady Groves' music video for "This Little Girl." The 2011 pop song found Groves stalking an ex-boyfriend with a reminder that every girl is capable of murder.

Groves' death at age 30 was shared on Sunday (May 3), when her brother Cody Groves tweeted the news. He's since revealed that medical examiners have ruled no foul play or self harm was involved, but added that she did have a medical issue last year that may have been a factor. The Kansas-born, Oklahoma-raised Groves was working on a transition to country music with producer Shane McAnally's team at the time of her death.

In the "This Little Girl" music video, Groves is jilted by a boyfriend, so she parks her car outside a home he's in with another woman to spy on him. Shelton arrives in a tow truck to collect the car, telling her that he's not sure if spying is illegal, but he knows parking where she's parked is. She pleads with him to let her car go, but the country singer shows no mercy.

At the time of the video's release, Groves told Billboard she got in touch with Shelton via Twitter.

Groves was signed to RCA Records at the time of this song and video's release. She released several EPs during a roughly 10-year career, but had recently moved to Nashville with an eye on turning toward country music. A media alert about her death shares that she was working with McAnally's SmackSongs and was signed to Thirty Tigers record label. The new music was scheduled to be released in summer 2020.

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