The third single from Blake Shelton's 'Red River Blue' album is caught somewhere between an easy love song and a night to regret. The calming tempo and swaying melody of 'Drink on It' don't quite mask that at its core, this song is about a guy using booze to bed a pretty girl.

"Hey girl, hey where ya goin’ / Come back and sit back down / You look too good to be heading home so early now / You say you gotta work tomorrow / Got a lot on your mind / Let me buy another round," Shelton sings to open the song.

There is certainly precedent for this noble country pursuit, but usually it's sung with a wink or at least a few lyrics that force a respectable woman to roll her eyes and snort out a chuckle. Shelton breaks social convention and admits before he even leaves a tip for that first drink that his intentions are less than gentlemanly.

"Girl, I think you and I should just / Drink on it / Put our heads together and think on it / Maybe later on we can sleep on it / But for right now / Girl, we just need to drink on it," the recently married singer adds during the chorus.

Trade Shelton's rugged leather jacket and three-day stubble for a tailored suit and Armani tie, and 'Drink on It' could be the new Barney Stinson (of 'How I Met Your Mother') theme song. The modest country woman tends to look for a little more than the promise of free whiskey and clean sheets, although one must admit that the ever-charming voice of Shelton is in top form on this ballad. It may be enough for some, but others will be left wondering how to feel.

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