Blake Shelton has spent much of today (July 28) chatting with fans on Twitter, replying to tweets. But the kicker is the hilarious image he shared with a fan who commented that the well-coiffed Shelton never has a bad hair day. Au contraire!

Said fan wrote: "@BS_Obsessed: I don't believe you have bad hair days! #Picture!” Shelton then obliged and tweeted a photo contrary to that assertion, proving that he does, in fact, have horrible hair days. He also posted: "Ok Cheyenne.. Almost there! I'm having a bad hair day. And when I have a bad hair day I get embarrassed. And when I get embarrassed I drink!" Something tells us he doesn't need a reason to toss one back!

Now, we all know that Shelton has a thick, wavy head of hair. But that's one hot mess atop his head, which you can view to the left. He proved the fan, who goes by the "BS_Obsessed" handle, wrong, with his teased, curly 'do. It looks like it came roaring out of the '80s. And Blake knows a thing or two about '80s coifs, since he once sported quite an epic mullet.

The bad hair day 'do is almost cartoon-like, isn't it? That must be how he looks when he gets up in the morning. His wife Miranda Lambert even retweeted the shot. She would know best if this is how ol' Blake wakes up.

What do you think of Shelton's bad hair day, ladies? Is he still the hottest man in country music even with tousled tresses?