Blake Shelton is sure having an up-and-down week. The same day that he released his new album, Texoma Shore, Shelton revealed that someone had driven a truck into his home in Oklahoma.

The "I'll Name the Dogs" singer and coach on The Voice appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan on Friday morning (Oct. 3) to promote the new project, and he told the hosts, "This is a weird moment for me."

"So, I’m talking about Texoma Shore, and I made the album at my lake house," he elaborates in the video above. "There is a studio at my lake house in Oklahoma, and I just got a phone call. Somebody drove their truck through the front of my lake house, so if this album doesn’t hit, then that’s bad luck."

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Shelton himself wasn't sure of the details just yet, but it wasn't an attack aimed at the singer.

"It was an accident," Shelton says. "I’m trying to figure it out, too. There's a truck sticking out of the front of my freakin’ house out there. I gotta sell some records now for sure! It’s one of them things. That’s what you have insurance for. I’m not too worried about it."

Shelton titled his new album Texoma Shore because of the lazy days he spent at his lake house with his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, this past summer. It's just one of the ways she impacted the new album. Shelton co-wrote a song titled "Turnin' Me On" that's a passionate ode to Stefani, and another song called "At the House" was a catalyst for the entire album project. Stefani's sons also appear in the video for "I'll Name the Dogs."

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