Blake Shelton loves his booze, and he doesn't care who knows it! CNN caught up with the country crooner on the red carpet at the 2011 BMI Awards, and as usual, Shelton wasn't bashful about his romance with alcohol.

Before the award show, CNN asked Shelton if he ever gets tired of tweeting his signature "I'm so drunk..." messages. Without missing a beat, the singer replied, "You know what? I drink alcohol and always will until I die and I don't care if you like it or not." Go ahead, tell 'em how you really feel!

During the interview, Shelton also shared his thoughts on why he believes NBC sought him out for a role on 'The Voice.' He said, "I think the reason that they asked me to be a part of that show is because I'm not afraid to be myself and to say what I'm thinking." Shelton continued, "I'm not afraid to make an a--- of myself. I feel like if I'm a country artist, my job is to lay my heart and soul on the line -- and my heart and soul is being a redneck and drinking and being stupid. [laughs] That's what I do."

The CNN reporter also asked Shelton if he would ever consider getting "serious," like backing a political campaign for instance. To no real surprise, Shelton answered, "No, I don't think I'm ever going to get serious. I'm never going to be political or religious or anything that's going to get me in more trouble than being wasted all the time already gets me in."

While some people might criticize Shelton for being so outspoken about his drinking habits, you have to respect him for his honesty and self-assured attitude. Also, with a No. 1 album under his belt, a happy and loving marriage to Miranda Lambert, and a huge fan following, we think Shelton is doing just fine for himself right now... alcohol included.

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